"I will literally Hypnotize you into experiencing more freedom in your life...

...so you can FINALLY build THAT business you've always wanted."

Long story short, your current status as a coach or entrepreneur is the product of your thoughts, feelings, and choices.

BUT 95%+ of the actions you take (or don't take) and the decisions you make daily are pre-determined by the programming that exists deep in your subconscious mind.

...And it's those thousands of tiny decisions that have happened outside of your conscious awareness that have lead you to where you are today (including your level of success or stuck-ness in business).

Here is the alarming bit:

Most of that deep subconscious programming that ultimately determines what your life is like was installed when you were less than 10 years old... and it's still running today.

Yes, SO many people never take the action to build their dream coaching business because their inner 10-year-old simply doesn't want to!

This Hypnotic Freedom Formula event is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to toss out the secret programming that has kept you from building your dream business.

This is your TIME to install NEW programming that liberates you (and springboards you into your entrepreneurial goals)!

...And your chance to be guided through the enjoyable process by a Certified Practitioner and Trainer of Hypnosis!

(You get to sit back, relax, and listen - while I do most of the work).

Your future clients are waiting for you.

See you at the event,

Ryan M. Montis, TCHt, TNLP, TTLT
Founder of RMM NLP + Hypnosis Institute

PS: This event will include real NLP & Hypnotic processes to re-program your mind for success and action.

You get immediate access!

Great news!

This event ALREADY happened and was recorded in High-Definition.

When you enrol, you'll get to experience this transformative event right away!



The Best Seat in Your House!

Learn my Hypnotic Freedom Formula from the comfort of your own home.

You'll get lifetime access to the full HD recording so you can watch at the time that is perfect for you!

Pause, play, rewatch, and enjoy the experience in the manner that is PERFECT for you!

A Spectacular 90-Minute Experience!

My mission is always to share far more value with my guests than they have paid in dollars to attend.

These 90 minutes will be packed with learning, exploration, and empowering content that will leave you delighted and prepared for real action.

My Hypnotic Freedom Formula may just be the key, the last piece of the puzzle that you've been waiting for.


Who is this event for?


What will you learn?

This event is many things but NOT...

  • This is not group therapy.

  • This is not mutual support for holding on to "why success is too hard" stories.

  • This is not get-rich-quick nonsense or a business pitch of any kind.

  • This is NOT how to make money without working/making effort.

  • This is NOT a system to find success without even trying...

    ...because real results and freedom require REAL understanding and ACTION!

The Freedom Formula


What you get...


  • The tools you need to choose your own adventure and GET OUT of the daily grind!
  • Gain the ability to make an excellent living by helping others to choose their own adventure too!
  • The Hypnotic AHA-moment that lets you STOP waiting to arrive and get moving NOW.
  • Tools that let you WAKE UP with excitement about the days ahead (and finally getting what you want)!
  • The magic mind-map that releases past failure so you can move forward and turns "goals" into "already done!"
  • Hypnotically release the 3 limiting beliefs that hold most new coaches/entrepreneurs back (without their knowledge).
  • INSTALL the 3 EMPOWERING beliefs that all new coaches who want to grow FAST must have.