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BOOK: The One Sentence Coaching Course

A single sentence to demystify and bring calm to the overcomplicated and overwhelming world of coaching

By Ryan M. Montis

Order Your Copy of "The One Sentence Coaching Course" NOW!

Read This Book in One Sitting and Change Your Perspective Instantly...

What is the greatest enemy of the new and growing coach?

What is the one thing that causes most coaches to give up and quit, stepping away from their dream of having a thriving coaching practice?

Is it the competition? No.

Is it the judgement of others? No. Not that either.

It's much more pervasive and unassuming than either of those things.

It's the underlying limiting belief that coaching is much more complicated than it actually is.

But, it's not the fault of the new coach!

Training companies that stand to gain handsomely tout the importance of long, complicated, and "in-depth" coach training programs as being "essential" to starting and growing your business.

In "The One Sentence Coaching Program", author and experienced coach mentor Ryan Montis deconstructs the myth that coaching gatekeepers have created and perpetuated for their own gain.

Ryan will explain how the vast majority of coaching systems all follow one secret framework, and how once you understand that framework, you too can step into the natural identity of a coach and mentor to others... with greater ease than you ever thought possible.

As Ryan says, "If it's not simple, it's not sustainable."

Order Your Copy of "The One Sentence Coaching Course" NOW!

"If you don't know if you should get this book or not...the answer is YES."

"I love what Ryan wrote here and it makes me feel even more solid as a coach. It's like a perfect summary of what he has taught me when I took his coaching and NLP courses. All coaches need to know this information if they want to be performing at their best, while also making it easier to help their clients get results. Pure gold.

If you don't know if you should get this book or not, I'll help you decide. And the answer is YES.

Fun, fast, easy read with content that will stimulate your mind long after you finish. In fact, you'll totally be compelled to read it again.

Ive been a continually returning client of Ryan's for over a year and a half now, because what he has taught me has made not only made my coaching life way easier (with better results for my clients), but also my personal life because the skills and upgrades can apply in every area of life."

Jessica J
California, USA

Order Your Copy of "The One Sentence Coaching Course" NOW!