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Roe Salde, MNLP, CHt

Hypnotherapist & Coach

Hypnotherapy and NLP-Trained Coach Who gets massive results for her clients while operating a thriving practise.

Roe specializes in helping successful men to remove mental blocks and tackle their blind spots so they can surpass previous limitations and reach new heights of accomplishment.

"All of my clients experience massive results in little as 8 weeks and have a clear road-map to success."

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Lhiza eliminated her fears, cleared her karma, and stepped into her "highest self" - and is now helping others to do the same.

Guided a client to generate $250k after 4 days in just one session. 

Lhiza's flagship offer is an incredible 6 weeks of powerful coaching and transformation.

"I help people find their true potential and become their best self!"

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Lhiza Bascones, PNLP, CHt 

High Performance Coach
Specializing in Past Life Regression



Nasreen Toorabally, PNLP, CHt

Certified Reiki Master Teacher, CEO & Founder
Wellness in my Hands | Japan Reiki Studio

Nasreen helps leaders, teachers, and healers in their healing journey to elevate their energy, the foundation of our being.

A skeptic turned believer, Nasreen’s motto is “Me first, then everyone else!”

Selfish? Nope. She knows how important it is to fill your cup first. It is only then that you are able to truly help others.

"Me first, then everyone else!"

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Jaclyn is multi-talented coach who combines a wealth of training and life-experience to provide massive results.

Jaclyn was able to dramatically transform her own struggles with anger and now helps others to do the same for themselves!

With a background in corrections, and a life-long learner, Jaclyn provides a service like none other.

"I help those who struggle with processing their anger to do so in a healthy way."

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Jaclyn Slade, PNLP, CHt 

Anger Mgmt. Specialist



Skylar Shay, CHt 

Holistic Therapist

Skylar brings so much to the table both in her online and in-person services. She sets an example of excellence.

Skylar has helped hundreds of women rebalance their energy system and calm the central nervous system for instant life-changing results.

"I help female Self-Care Practitioners release stress in the body to prevent burnout."

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Tina - quite frankly - changes lives dramatically and breathes youth into her clients.

Tina is the proud creator of the RenewYou(TM) System which has dramatically transformed her life and the lives of her many clients.

This unique system has "cracked the code" to reversing biological age naturally by shifting ones identity of always ‘chasing health’ to ‘being health’ by default and on autopilot.

"I help women embrace an age defying lifestyle, holistically, leading to greater freedom and happiness so that they can thrive in their golden years."

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Tina Haller, PNLP, CHt 

Holistic Longevity Expert



Julia Katsivo Carter, CHt 

Holistic Business Coach for Women
Successful & Smart Business Coaching

Julia changes the lives of the women she serves so they can change the lives of the people they serve.

Julia is the Founder of Successful & Smart Business Coaching. She specializes in helping female entrepreneurs in a holistic manner to get better, faster, and more defined results without sacrificing their freedom.

"I help women entrepreneurs create mental space to execute powerful decisions creating more money and peace in their lives and business."

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Jemima is a multi-talented and experiences coach. Her client RAVE about the deep, powerful, and long-lasting freedom that her coaching provides.

Jemima is the founder of the Stress Free Life Academy, offering a range of powerful services.

"I am passionate about what I do and I am an experienced and extremely effective practitioner.

My main aim for my clients is for them to achieve fast and permanent change, to feel fulfilled, calm, confident and stress and anxiety free."

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Jemima Blazdell, PNLP, CHt 

Stress Free Life Coach



Vaishnav Ramesh, TNLP, TCHt

Master Coach, Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis

Vaishnav helps people move easily from a place of stuck-ness to endless possibilities and solutions without months or years of therapy.

Vaishnav combines a wealth of behavioural principles and life experiences while integrating his coaching practices in the business world. He helps others to address problems in their personal lives, 1-on-1, through easy conversations (often over coffee).

"I believe and have personally seen that each person has all the resources they need to find solutions to a problem so long as they have the willingness to have a conversation."


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